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Holster | Leather | With belt clip

Holster | Leather | With belt clip


The conical FELCO 912 leather holster is extremely lightweight and self-contained. Its smooth face and gentle curves are equally unobtrusive when conveniently attached to your belt by either loop or clip. Once in place its presence is easily forgotten, but never taken for granted – particularly when you remember just how many times you will need to access your favorite FELCO pruning shears on an average day.

Felco tools remain prized possessions over many years, to the point that they become family heirlooms. Anything that is worn can be quickly replaced to maintain your tool as efficient as the day it was purchased. When they are passed on, they are ingrained with the legacy of those who handled them previously. The FELCO 912 leather holster will be a close companion to your favorite pruning shears, showing maturity in ageing that carries every mark of use with honor. It is a lifetime pairing that protects your tools while keeping them close to hand for whatever pruning jobs the future may hold.


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